‘Wake Up’ Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Calls Out Air India Over Poor-Quality Food Served On Flight

If you search Air India on Twitter, you will come across innumerable tweets that have been calling out the airline for giving a poor experience to its flyers. From mosquitoes inside the plane to poor quality food, and unclean washrooms to broken seats, the complaints are endless. While not all Air India flights are bad news, the disappointing experiences faced in some of their flights have been giving the airline a bad name.

Recently, Sanjeev Kapoor was one such person who called out Air India for the poor quality food served on their Nagpur-Mumbai flight. Taking to Twitter, she shared pictures of the breakfast served to him and questioned whether this is the kind of food Indians eat for breakfast.

Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana on YouTube

His meal included (in his words) “cold Chicken Tikka with watermelon, cucumber, tomato & sev”, “sandwich with a minuscule filling of chopped cabbage with mayo” and “sugar syrup sponge painted with sweetened cream & yellow glaze.”

Here’s the sandwich he was talking about:

A look at the chicken tikka with watermelon (who serves that?).

Here’s what his complete meal looked like:

“Wake up Air India,” he wrote. Have a look at his tweets here:

Several people online were disappointed with the airline and some even went on to share similar such experiences they’ve had on their flights. Here are some of the responses:

What are your views on this incident?

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