Vada Pav For ₹250, Poha For ₹200, Desis Discuss How Flights Sell Food At Exorbitant Rates

Travelling via air does save us a lot of time, is convenient, and gives us a beautiful bird’s eye view of the city. But the ticket prices can sometimes burn a hole in our pockets.

And if you are hungry on board and intend to splurge on buying food while in the air, chances are you might have to donate your kidney for that. You know what I mean, right?

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Well, those who don’t, this discussion that followed after a user posted the price of our humble vada pav while onboard a flight is what you should be digging into RN.

Pulkit Kochar took to Twitter and shared a picture of an Indigo flight menu wherein the cost of the Maharashtrian street food was quoted at Rs 250. Yet, a whopping TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY RUPEES for crying out loud.

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Appalled by the exorbitant price of the ‘Mumbai Burger’, Kochar sarcastically asked people online to throw him off the flight if they ever found him eating onboard.

This is how people reacted to the cost of vada pav that can be bought for Rs 10 that too fresh and piping hot.

Soon after his tweet went viral, desis discussed how the prices of food items on flights are just astronomical.

The prices are definitely steep. But I’m sure they would have an explanation for this.

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