Sania Mirza Enacts The Role Of Penny From ‘The Big Bang Theory’; Watch Video

Bazinga! If this word reminded you of Sheldon Cooper then I am sure you’re a true ‘Big Bang Theory‘ fan. The fun sitcom consisted of a bunch of socially awkward physicists and an engineer who showed us the true meaning of friendship. The amazing show, that ran for 12 seasons, is loved by many for the peculiar yet relatable bond between the characters.

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Speaking of which, it seems like Tennis star Sania Mirza is also a ‘The Big Bang Theory’ fan. Recently, Sania shared a video playing the role of Penny from the superhit comedy show, reports NDTV. In the clip, she can be seen enacting the role of exasperated Penny having a conversation with Sheldon Cooper.

Have a look at the video:


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Sania perfectly mimicked Kaley Cuoco’s facial expressions during a scene in which Jim Parsons’ character Sheldon is giving Penny a quick medical check-up. Sania lip-synced to an audio clip from the episode where Penny had dislocated her shoulder. Remember the hilarious yet touching scene? The one where Sheldon had asked Penny about her sexual history as well?!

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Well, Sania’s on point expressions sure reminded us about the unique bond between Penny and Sheldon. In fact, the tennis star also shared that her favourite character is Sheldon. Well, I hate to disagree but my favourite character is easy-going Penny. How about you? Tell us your favourite ‘Bing Bang’ character.