6 YO Boy Wins An Apartment For His Family By Doing 3,270 Push-Ups In 2 Hours!

We know how any form of physical activity is beneficial for the body, mind and soul. Doing pushups every day can also help us tone our muscles and improve our body posture.

Not only this, if you’re able to wow people with your incredible skills of doing more than 3000 pushups, chances are, you might be awarded a house or a luxury car.

Sounds weird? Well, not in Russia!

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A six-year-old boy from Russia just won a house for his family after doing 3,270 push-ups in just two hours.

Ibrahim Lyanov, from Novy Redant, Russia defeated all odds and impressed a local sports club called ‘Chingiz’ with his fitness! In fact, they awarded him an entire apartment.

Watch him prove his mettle which is quite difficult for many fitness experts:

According to Times Now, Ibrahim Lyanov, from Novy Redant, Russia, has now entered the Russian Book of Records for his incredible feat.

Lyanov and his father had been regular members at the club, where the pair trained every single day to win the push-up competition.

Surprisingly, Lyanov is not just the only boy in the vicinity to have received an expensive gift like this.

Reports suggest, in 2018, a five-year-old boy was awarded a Mercedes car for doing 4,105 push-ups without stopping even once. Ramzan Kadyrov, a close aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, handed the car keys to Rakhim Kurayev.

Reportedly, the boy is eyeing to repeat the extraordinary feat in order to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

Watching him do pushups so effortlessly is making me sweat. Think you can match his feat?

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