17 Things You Do When Your Roommate Goes Out Of Town

Roommate bonding is a wonderful relationship in itself for many reasons. They’re like family when you’re away from your real home, and since you live together, the friendship you cultivate is a special one. But, when they decide to leave town for a few days/weeks/months, there is other feeling to top it. Having the home to yourself, alone? Hell yeah, bring it on!

Following are the things you do when you’re left alone after your roommate leaves town.

1. Putting on the AC or fan for as long as you want

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Often when you’re sharing a room with your roommate, there are times when they’ll want you to put off the cooling because they’re feeling too cold. When they’re gone, you’re free to put the AC on for as long as you want with no interruptions. 😀


2. Cooking non-veg and all the restricted stuff

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This goes especially for people living with roommates who don’t eat non-vegetarian food. Once they’re gone- MAKE ALL THE NON-VEG FOOD!


3. Not locking the bathroom

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Ah, the benefits of being alone. No more locking the bathroom to have a bath or do any other stuff till they get back. Even walking in and out without a towel- bliss. 😀


4. Leaving a mess – Dirty dishes, clothes lying around the hall

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You can leave a mess whenever and wherever you want, not worried that you might have to clean it up right away. You can even keep dirty dishes in the sink and clean them at your own sweet pace.


5. Keep snacks in your fridge without hesitation

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You can put all the ridiculous amounts of food you keep to yourself in your fridge, without keeping an eye on it. Yes, all that yogurt is YOURS. 😀


6. Not wear clothes at all

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To not have a roommate around for a while means having the option of wearing your most comfortable outfit- be it torn and tattered, dirty or unwashed, and not even wearing pants if you feel like it. AWWW YESSSS.


7. You have ample TV and music time

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No more arguing over the remote and forcefully watching sappy serials when you want to watch the news, or just some silly cartoons. Not to mention, keeping the music on full volume and dancing around like a total loon!


8. Spending quality time with your significant other

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The entire apartment (or the room you two share) is now all to yourself. You can call home your significant other and have a nice, wonderful time watching movies, eating in, and doing other things that I need not mention here. 😛


9. Having a crazy house party

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Since you have all the room to yourself, you can call your friends home one weekend and blow off all the steam from the tiresome weekday at work. You get to meet your friends, have on loud music and have a great time.


10. Have some quiet alone time

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Coming back home from a long day at work and not having to answer to anyone is such a nice feeling. You can sit, relax, and enjoy some alone time with yourself.


11. Have all the food to yourself

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You can order a huge pizza and not share it with anyone. Also, you can order food that your roommate ordinarily doesn’t like. Double yay!


12. You don’t need your headphones anymore

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When both of you are watching stuff on your laptop, you’re normally wearing earphones to not disturb the other person. When they’re gone, you can say goodbye to them temporarily.


13. Take their food and replace it later

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When you’re hungry and too lazy to go out and get a packet of Maggi, biscuits, or jam, you can take a packet that belongs to your roommate and replace it before they arrive. Room mate= life saver.


14. Smoking inside the room

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Some room mates have a strict ‘no smoking in the room’ policy. But, you can bend these and smoke wherever you please when they’re away. No more smoking restricted only in the balcony!


15. Bring pets home if your roommate doesn’t like them

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You can let your friends leave their pets with you for a while till your room mate is out. After all, sometimes, it gets lonely.


16. Innocently borrow some stuff

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Stuff like slippers, maybe some shampoo, or their hair straightener. You can take their things (and take care of it) while they’re away and that’s awesome.


17. Finally, you can fart as freely as ever

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This point has to trump all the others mentioned above. You can now fart as loud as you want, and not have it be a big deal. Everybody knows what a wonderful feeling that is. 😀

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