Republic Bharat Journo Does Dramatic Coverage Of Cyclone Biparjoy From Comfort Of Studio

Cyclone Biparjoy is currently making its way across the Arabian Sea and on Thursday, it is supposed to make landfall in Gujarat. Strong winds, rain and thunder have struck certain parts of the Gujarat coast and many news journalists are on the ground reporting the scenario amidst much difficulty.

According to The Guardian, the cyclonic storm is said to affect a 325-kilometre stretch of coast between Mandvi in India’s Gujarat state and Karachi in Pakistan. Approximately 47,000 people have been evacuated from the coastal area and sent to shelters. While news channels are busy broadcasting the conditions of these places, one particular video of a journalist reporting the cyclone has grabbed people’s attention.

Republic Bharat anchor Sweta Tripathi was caught reporting about cyclone Biparjoy from the comfort of her news studio but she was holding an umbrella and pretending as though she was hit by the cyclone.

“It’s difficult to walk or talk from where I stand because of the storm,” the anchor says in a melodramatic tone while visuals of storm and flood play in the background.

She pretended as though she was reporting from Dwarka but it’s very clear that she is inside the studio. Here’s a look at the video:

Even the visual that was used behind the reporter was from a hurricane in Florida.

People online couldn’t help but get hilariously disappointed with the journalist and the news channel. Many were also left saddened by the sorry state of affairs of mainstream journalism in our country.

What are your views on this incident?

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