How ‘Panchayat’ Actor Abha Sharma Redefined Beauty, Age In Acting World & Marriage Norms

Season 3 of everyone’s favourite ‘Panchayat’ was released recently and there are two new characters that stood out remarkably – those of Bum Bahadur and Jagmohan’s mother Amma Ji. Her character development, although brief, was inspiring to watch as she went from the woman scheming to get a new house to a person who realises the value of family and living together with loved ones.

Image source: Panchayat

The actor who plays the adorable Amma Ji is Abha Sharma and her journey is a tale to tell. According to Indian Express, she lost all her teeth at the age of 35 because of a gum infection, at 45 she developed limb tremors from a rare condition, and at 54 she started acting and never married.

“I wanted to act since childhood, but my mother was against going into the film industry. She did not like this work and I did not want to go against her wishes. My family was old-fashioned. I started acting after my mother’s death and my siblings supported me. My father used to work in a telecom company. After his death, the responsibility of the family also came on me and then I never got married,” Jansatta quoted her saying.

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Abha Sharma has shattered multiple stereotypes throughout her life and career. Losing all her teeth at the age of 35 due to a gum infection, she defied conventional beauty standards and continued to work undeterred. Starting her acting career at the age of 54, she broke the age barrier in an industry that often favours youth, proving that talent knows no age limit. Additionally, by choosing to remain unmarried and dedicating her early years to caring for her ailing mother, Abha challenged traditional societal expectations regarding marriage and women’s roles.

Image source: Panchayat

She graduated from JJ School of Arts and worked as a teacher starting in 1979. After starting to work as an actor, she worked in projects like Das Dev, Ishaqzaade, and Shooter.

What a journey she has had!

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