28-YO Kerala Man Says His Wife Is Dissatisfied With His Balding, Seeks Relationship Advice

Nothing guarantees a happily ever after. Be it love or arranged marriage, wedded life is a completely different ball game. A 28-year-old man who is just 7 months into his wedding shared how things went South with his wife to the point that he is now considering calling it off.

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Prior to his arranged marriage to the 25-year-old girl, they talked with each other for 6 months. According to him, his wife is very dissatisfied with his hair loss and balding and feels ashamed to go out in public with him.

The Reddit user took to a subreddit for Kerala and shared his story.

She had never expressed these concerns in the beginning, but she’s very dissatisfied with my hair which is balding, and tells me it makes her ashamed to go out with me to her relative’s homes because the men in her family are very good-looking, etc she says. I consulted doctors for balding and the medicines they give have permanent sexual side effects risks, I already struggle with performance anxiety because of these insecurities and this bad treatment from her, so a transplant is the only option.

He also tried talking to her about going for therapy but in vain.

I tried talking to her about therapy and fixing things but she doesn’t want to try. Then, there’s no intimacy because I get rejected every time I initiate something and it is embarrassing and hurtful, so I don’t even want intimacy with her anymore. I don’t think she finds me physically good enough to be turned on by my body and looks, and my hair is thinning more every day and I think she’s hating me more and more. This is terrifying to bring up to my family, but I would like to end everything because this is affecting my self-esteem and life a lot. I wish she could have made it clear in the beginning but she acted like it was all good. Very honestly I’m very scared to talk to my family but I would like to start somewhere, please give me some suggestions.

The guy seems pretty confused right now. Hence, he decided to seek suggestions from people online.

Rock the trending bald look, some suggested.

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Some suggested parting ways.

Communication is always the key. But it’s better to move on in life than to be stuck with people who would mess up your self-esteem and mental peace. No one’s worth that!

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