Raveena Tandon Speaks Of Adopting 2 Girls At The Age Of 21, Urges Others To Do The Same

We don’t need any specific day to celebrate motherhood and you don’t really need to have your own biological kids to embrace the beauty of it. And like scores of moms, Bollywood actor Raveena Tandon also feels blessed to have had the opportunity to nurture not one, but four kids.

The actor who kickstarted her career with the action film ‘Patthar Ke Phool’ made headlines when she adopted two girls at the age of 21. Raveena was at the peak of her career when she became the single mother of Pooja (11) and Chhaya (8) in 1995.

Despite what effect it would take on her career, she took that leap of faith. And today, she is proud that she did it. Talking about how fulfilling it was, she said, “It’s an unparalleled experience, indeed. I have always felt one does not need to be a multi-billionaire to make a difference in someone’s life but just have a kind heart and doing your two bits,” Hindustan Times quoted her saying.

The ‘Laadla’ actor further added that people would say that her decision to be a single mother would negatively impact her chances to get married.

“Back then people were apprehensive on my decision and said no one would want to marry someone with this ‘baggage.’ But as they say, what is destined to be, it will happen. I couldn’t have been more blessed.”

Sharing what compelled her to adopt Pooja and Chhaya in her twenties, Raveena added, “I didn’t like how their guardian would behave with them and some instinct in me pushed me to take them to my home.”

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“There was something about them that made me feel that me being a 21-year-old doesn’t matter. I can say it has been the best decision of my life. I cherish each and every moment I have shared with them, from taking them into my arms for the first time to walking them down the aisle.”

“They still write letters to me to show their love. I would encourage everyone, even single moms, to come forward and do the same. The process is a lot smoother now as compared to how it was back then,” she divulged.

The actor married film distributor Anil Thadani in 2004 and later gave birth to their kids Rasha and Ranbirvardhan. Reminiscing the good memories of raising all her kids, the ‘Dulhe Raja’ actor said, “There are plenty of them, actually!”

“Be it getting Pooja and Chaya home, getting them married, being witness to the birth of their babies. Then, of course, I was blessed with my two babies Rasha and Ranbirvardhan which enhanced my choices as a mother.”

“I have become more compassionate as a person and at the same time, I feel like this powerful woman because I am like this shield to my kids. In addition, being a mom to 4 just creates this aura of oozing positivity around me,” she concluded.

We are proud of Raveena for setting up such a great example. Kudos, to you!

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