People Are Turning Fun Statements By Loved Ones Into Gorgeous ‘Inspirational’ Quotes

Have you ever talked to someone and they something so profound that you wish to write it down to remember it in the future? People have come up with a new trend on Instagram Reels which is just that, but with a hilarious twist!

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As part of this funny trend, people are taking the sentences others have said to them, no matter how bland or banal, and turning them into inspirational quote cards by putting them in an aesthetic background. To add the final touch, they are compiled and the background music of the song ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton is added. Check them out:

Is your partner also like this?

Reality hit hard on this one!

I can make a book out of my dad’s WhatsApp messages!

Statements used during arguments deserve a special section of their own!

Or just things the men in our lives say in general πŸ˜›

Which person in your life would be best suited for this trend? Tell us!

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