Randeep Hooda Says He Doesn’t Care About Awards & Fame, Calls Himself A ‘Contractual Worker’

There is no doubt that Randeep Hooda is an exceptional actor. His performances in films like Highway, Sarbjit, and Bombay Talkies (to name a few) have proved so. But if you have noticed, the actor keeps it low-key. To spot him in award functions and Bollywood parties is a task.

And Randeep Hooda recently revealed why is it so. He recently spoke about how he doesn’t care about awards, recognition, and doesn’t give much “weightage” to fame. According to Hindustan Times, Hooda considers himself to be a “contractual professional”.

“My job is just like anybody else. I’m a contractual professional having contractual work. Every time you take up a contractual job, you’ve to fulfil it,” he said.

The actor went on to add how besides his job, he doesn’t have much of an interaction with people from the industry.

“Apart from that job, there’s not much of an interaction with the so-called industry so to speak. I don’t crave or give a damn about the awards or recognition,” he added.

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“The process of my work, my involvement and my ability is to give as much as I can on that particular day, and more every day. You learn as you grow in experience and age, like any other human being, getting a bit more empathy,” Hooda said.

Randeep Hooda explained that for him, his work is what matters, not fame or as he calls it, the “by-product”.

“What matters is your work, and fame is a by-product of that. One shouldn’t be too mindful of the by-product, but be mindful about the work at hand. It’s not a glamorous job, at least for me,” he said.

These are indeed some wise words. What do you think?

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