Ranbir Kapoor’s Yatra Ad Will Take You Down Memory Lane While You Plan To Create New Ones

Sitting in a car, sometimes I crank up the radio volume and I am instantly taken back to the good ol’ days. There’s something in the power of music, right? It can instantly take you down the winding road of memories.

When I listen to the symphonies of age old Bollywood, that’s how I feel. Instantly I’m transported to a time when days were simpler and life seemed like one long musical ride.

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Maybe it was the colourful childhood days when Sundays meant movie time with the entire neighbourhood huddled around one television set. Or it was the romance and joy in the songs itself telling you that ‘zindagi ek safar hai suhana’.

This is exactly why the Yatra advertisements are so exceptional. The yesteryear Bolly-town music gets a contemporary makeover and who better to do it but the fresh blood of the iconic Kapoor clan, Ranbir himself!?

Those precious moments you shared with your beloved family and friends can be relived once again. The times you laughed and sang around the house can come back during a vacation you all take together and that too without hurting your bank balance!

Don’t believe me? It’s okay, Ranbir can explain it better anyway. Well, with a little help from his illustrious family members like Rishi and Shammi Kapoor!

And what’s the best part- it’s got karaoke subtitles! So sing along, cheer along and clap along and let the magic of the silver screen take over!

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Talking about these advertisements and the special place they hold in his heart, Ranbir said, “Yatra.com has always managed to surprise me with its innovative ideas of engaging with travellers. I am delighted to also get the opportunity to pay a tribute to the evergreen members of my family via these unforgettably classic songs that are a part of these ads.”

This takes me back to my point on memories, you’ve lived some cheery ones and now it’s time to make many more radiant ones all thanks to Yatra.com.

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