Actor Ram Charan Celebrates ‘RRR’ Success By Gifting Gold Coins To The Film’s Technicians

Ram Charan has a heart of gold. The actor, whose latest release ‘RRR’ is making waves at the box office, sent money and medicines to a Ukrainian who worked as his bodyguard while he was shooting in the country. And now, he went on to celebrate the success of the film in the most heartwarming way.

According to The Indian Express, Ram Charan gifted gold coins worth a total of Rs 18 lakhs to the technicians of ‘RRR’. 35 unit members who worked behind the cameras were recipients of Ram Charan’s kind gift.


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Not just this, the actor first invited the technicians to his home in Hyderabad for a hearty meal. He then presented them with sweets and a gold coin each which weighed 11.6 grams (worth about Rs 55,000-60,000).

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These technicians worked in different departments of the film including direction and camera. Even production managers, still photographers, and accountants were present.


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