You Won’t Be Able To Guess Which Talented Actor Is Playing This 324-Year-Old In ‘Raabta’

Remember when Kamal Haasan wore makeup and prosthetics so well that he could walk on the streets of Chennai unrecognised as ‘Chachi 420’? That was back in 1997.

Prosthetics has come a long way since then, and it is impossible to guess which actor is playing the part of a 324-year-old man in the upcoming movie ‘Raabta’. Hint – he’s insanely talented and underrated as well.

raabta old man
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And he has a brief history of effortlessly changing looks as the role demands it. He played a very convincing transgender woman in the Bengali movie ‘Ami Sairabanu’.

Yep, it’s Rajkummar Rao!


You must have noticed the bald and tattooed man in the trailer. But almost no one outside the production team knew it was him until now. He has a brief role in the movie, but why he plays a 324-year-old man is still kept under tight wraps.


Director Vijan and producer Homi Adajania put Rajkummar through 16 look tests before approving. But Rajkummar says it was totally worth it.

“I did this friendly appearance for Dinoo (Vijan) and Homi. It was too much fun. Dinoo gave me a lot of freedom as an actor. The prosthetic make-up would take hours to put on and take off. I sweat profusely under a thick layer of make-up. It needed quite a bit of patience.”

You can only imagine the torture the actor must be facing inside the thick prosthetics, and in summer!

The makeup artists have done an awesome job. Now wait for Rajkummar Rao to spin his magic from behind the mask!

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