Punjabi Santa Claus Goes Viral Again On Christmas Eve, Thanks To His Warm Nature & Bhangra

Almost every kid (and adult) in this world knows about the story of Santa Claus. And in case you don’t, here’s the gist. He’s a healthy, old guy with a thick beard, wearing a red and white costume, who goes around giving gifts to good kids on Christmas Eve on his sleigh.

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However, since Santa Claus falls in the category of fictional heroes, like Superman, Spider-Man and Shaktimaan, he’s susceptible to alterations with the changing times. And a YouTuber, named Gucci Thingy Guy, did so by giving Mr. Claus a desi twist.

After going viral in 2016, the video of a Sikh Santa Claus taking to the streets, is winning a lot of hearts again because it’s Christmas Eve and everybody loves to do bhangra.

The YouTuber can be seen standing in a public place, interacting with people and giving them gifts and sweets. And he also goes into bhangra mode from time to time to celebrate the Christmas spirit in an authentically Indian way.

You can watch the video here:

Sikh Santa helping to break down barriers between communities

Posted by Sikh Channel on Sunday, December 23, 2018

It’s certainly endearing to see that even after being seen by millions of people in 2016, the message of inclusion that he was trying to spread, is still connecting with the internet. So, don’t feel left out this Christmas because you belong to a certain religious background or adhere to a wholly different culture. Just fuse it with the core meaning of Santa Claus and spread some love, because boy, are we in need of it.

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