Carpenter In Punjab Makes Eco-Friendly Bicycle From Wood, Gets Orders From SA & Canada

Stories of people who are working towards a self-reliant and environmentally-conscious future are truly inspiring. Whether it’s people online who supported Tripura artisans’ ‘Bamboo Bottles’ to help further the livelihood of tribals, or pictures of bamboo buildings and chandeliers that prove it’s an eco-friendly alternative to wood, coming to know about these amazing creations is nothing short of exciting. This new one is bound to impress you.

As per a report in Hindustan Times, a 40-year old Punjab-based carpenter named Dhani Ram Saggu has built an eco-friendly wooden bicycle using spare items and raw materials lying in his house, in order to make a living during the coronavirus lockdown. He is now not only getting orders from within the country, but also from South Africa and Canada. Currently, the much sought-after cycle is priced at Rs. 15,000 which weighs 20-22 kg, and can cover 25 km a day.

He explains, “I am a carpenter. Usually, I would get orders to build cupboards, doors, shelves, and sometimes I would repair broken fittings for residents in the area. With construction put in a full halt, and with no means of livelihood, I wanted to keep myself occupied, learn new skills, and build something different. But, my creativity was constrained to the raw materials available at home – plywood, tools, and old cycles.” He continues, “I always wanted a cycle but our finances were such that we could not afford one. Therefore, I decided to make one for myself.”

News18 reports that he Zikarpur-based carpenter started his journey in April, after having observed his friends take apart entire bicycles and putting it back all together with modifications of their choice. After 2 failed attempts, he was able to come up with his own creation built completely from scratch after initially conceptualizing it on paper.

Punjab Carpenter's Stunning Wooden Cycle Goes Viral, Gets Orders From Abroad

He used plywood for the cycle, including the body, handlebars, and the wheel rims. “The wood is light and inexpensive but strong like teak. However, I am still improvising the cycle,” he states. The chain, pedals, wheels, the seat, and the side-stand were all recycled from an old bicycle. His tools consisted of a spanner and an electric saw. “The cycle can cover up to 25km a day but people are mostly buying it for its uniqueness,” he mentions.

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“The cycle weighs between 20-22kgs but I am working on making it lighter. I now use disc brakes rather than the rim and am working towards putting in gears as well. I am also designing a cycle for children,” he adds.

“Hard work always pays and changes one’s fortune,” he exclaimed upon receiving a call from the managing director of Hero Cycles, Pankaj Munjal, who congratulated him. Reportedly, a company from Chennai has also now got in touch with him.

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