If You Love Psychological Thrillers, Here Are 20 Movies You Should NOT Miss

Are you a cinephile who appreciates psychological thrillers? Does the dark theme invite you? Does a person’s state of mind and his thought process seem intriguing to you? If yes, these movies should definitely be watched. Watch these and lose yourself in the dark worlds the directors have created!

1. Ugly

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Directed by Anurag Kashyap, Ugly is neo-noir psychological thriller that will hold your breath until the very end. You’ll feel like you are in an open cage with a time bomb ticking but you wouldn’t want to leave. Rarely would you come across a movie with such complex characters whose motives slowly get clear as the story proceeds. It’s a tale of human greed and ego that blinds reasoning and senses. Do NOT miss out on this one. It’s absolute perfection!


2. Se7en

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Se7en is one amazing movie that falls under the category of psychological thrillers. David Fincher takes you on a roller coaster ride where two policemen hunt a Dante-inspired serial killer. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt are perfect and David Fincher couldn’t have had a better cast. And when Kevin Spacey enters, you’ll have constant goosebumps! The ending will leave you stunned and deep in depression. Do not leave this out. It’s a must-watch!


3. The Silence of the Lambs

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When you watch this movie you’ll realise that the director, Jonathan Demme is masterful. A young F.B.I cadet confides in with a serial killer to understand the mind of another. It has an amazingly witty script filled with suspense. To win five Academy awards is not easy so one can imagine how brilliant this movie must be!  The character of Hannibal will intrigue you and you’ll see yourself holding your breath throughout the movie!


4. Aparichit

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Inspired from Sidney Sheldon’s novel Tell Me Your Dreams, the plot of the movie is gripping and tells the story of a man suffering from multiple personality disorders. The director, Shankar has done a fantastic job and you should not really worry about the reviews. The movie should be watched because you’ll explore the world of a person suffering from the disease and it’s very intriguing.


5. Memento

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A brilliant film by Christopher Nolan that’ll make you wonder how exactly the mind of this man works. He leaves us flabbergasted and groping for an insight into his brilliant mind. Memento needs patience. Two stories run simultaneously, one backward and another forward. It’ll take some time to grasp what exactly is going on in the movie. But once you do, it’s an absolutely thrilling a ride. And yes, Ghajini is no match!


6. 13B: Fear has a new address

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This is one movie not many people have watched but I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Especially for people who love the combination of horror and psychological thrillers. Madhavan, as usual has done a fabulous job. The movie is very well written and the end is going to make you go crazy! It’s not a usual cheesy Bollywood horror movie. It revolves around a man who experiences a supernatural occurrence at his newly purchased apartment; a soap opera being telecast exclusively on his TV, which shows the future of his family.


7. Darr

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Who can forget this movie and how could it not make it to this list? Shahrukh Khan took Bollywood by storm and was so convincing that he chilled us to the bone. His obsession with the woman he loved frightened us and made us hate him. The movie is dark, disturbing and leaves us in a traumatic state. And hence, is a must-watch for psycho-thriller lovers!


8. Psycho

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One of the finest works of Alfred Hitchcock, it would be terrible if you haven’t yet watched this movie. One of the favourite psycho-thrillers of all times, it won’t disappoint you. Revolving around a woman fed up with her life, who steals $40,000 and heads over to start a new life with her lover, it seems like a pretty normal story. But trust me, it’s not. What you’ll experience watching this movie will shock you. So if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it quick!


9. Taxi Driver

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Martin Scorsese is pure genius. One of my favourite films, I strongly recommend you to watch it. It is the story of an ex-Marine and Vietnam War veteran who suffers from insomnia and drives a taxi at night. He has a conception of what is right and what is wrong. The movie portrays loneliness and darkness. One of the strongest actors of all times, Robert De Nero is mind-numbingly good!


10. Woh Kaun Thi?

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The opening scene of the movie is so impressive and makes such an effect on the viewer that it’s hard not to watch the movie. The story of a doctor who, on his way on a rainy night offers a woman drenching in the rain, a ride. Later, his mother arranges him to get married and it turns out, the woman is the same one whom he had offered a ride. The music of the movie is beautiful and Sadhana is simply brilliant.


11. Shutter Island

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Oh. How can you miss this brilliant movie?! Again, Martin Scorsese is going to grip you to your chair with this amazing movie. Leonardo DiCaprio will stun you and the story is going to leave you reeling. In a minute, everything changes and you don’t see things normally. The story revolves around a U.S marshal who is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a patient from Boston’s Shutter Island Ashecliffe Hospital. Watch it till the end and I am sure you’ll love it!

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12. Kaun

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Urmila Matondkar was one of the finest actresses of her time. And you’ll see how true it is in this movie. Alone at home, watching the news of a serial killer, the doorbell rings. A stranger asks the protagonist to let him in. Who could it be? Ram Gopal Varma threw all Indian movie conventions out the window while making this movie and it’s a treat for all cinephiles!


13. Gone Girl

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David Fincher again stuns us with this perfect psycho-thriller. Highly engrossing, this movie’s ending is something you cannot expect. The story of a man whose wife goes missing, revealing things about them that one cannot witness under normal circumstances. The actors have done absolute justice to their roles and you cannot watch it just once!


14. Black Swan

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Honestly, this movie is so dark and traumatic, that I had to watch a rom-com to lighten my mood and to stop myself from thinking about it. It’s a story about a very committed dancer who wins the lead role in a production of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”. To do the role justice, she delves so deep into it that she has to struggle with her sanity. Watch it. The experience is unnerving!


15. Karthik Calling Karthik

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Not regarded as one of the finest films, but I suggest you to watch it. A nicely researched movie tells the story about an abused employee who receive phone calls from someone who sounds like him and asks him to follow instructions without telling anybody about it. A different movie, where Farhan Akhtar has done a great job!


16. Gupt

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A movie that you cannot forget! A man accused of murdering his father has to prove his innocence. Not something that would sound intriguing. But don’t judge it. It is a must watch if you enjoy psycho-thrillers. And Kajol will leave you shocked! You’ll love and you’ll hate her.


17. Mulholland Drive

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A movie I have watched and am trying to forget so that I can watch it again and make some sense out of it. Yes, it’s one of those movies that you struggle to understand and what’s worse is that the director, David Lynch offers no explanation to it and leaves you to interpret it in your own way. Two women, one an amnesiac and another on her way to find her place in Hollywood; the story revolves around both finding clues and answers through a twist of reality and dreams. It might even leave you angry at the end.


18. 404 Error Not Found

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Simple and yet so deep. After watching this movie, you’ll want more. Intelligent and so powerful, you’ll surely appreciate watching it. The story is about a student who starts hallucinating after moving into a room where someone had committed suicide. The plot is pure suspense until the last minute. Watch it..it’s one Bollywood movie you cannot afford to miss!


19. The Machinist

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Wow. Christian Bale can go to any lengths to fit into the character and it’s commendable. The story of a man with an extreme case of insomnia, hasn’t slept for an year and goes through extreme physical and psychological changes. He starts doubting his sanity. He is alienated and the tension is added when you see Bale look like that!


20. Sangharsh

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Preity Zinta is one of the first actresses to have played a character as strong as Reet. Her belief in justice and dedication towards catching a religious fanatic who abducted children for sacrificial offerings is what the story is about. Honestly, Ashutosh Rana’s character won’t let you sleep after you’ve watched the movie. It’s brilliant!

How many have you already seen?

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