Priyanka Chopra Opens Up About Her Failures, Says She’s Done Many Films No One Watched

When we see people celebrating their wins but not talking about their failures, the idea of ‘never fail’ becomes normal. But the more people, influential people, begin to talk about their failures, the more will ‘failing’ be accepted in our culture. Because failing can sometimes be the best way to learn.

In a recent interview, Priyanka Chopra opened up about her failures and spoke about how failure doesn’t define a person; one needs to move past it. She calls failure a “ladder”, reports Hindustan Times.

“No one only wins. I’ve lost many battles. I’ve done many, many movies that no one has watched. It’s what you do after failures that defines you. To me, life is a ladder. It’s never a destination.”

She went on to address how Indians are taught to “run faster” than everyone else. She expressed how she didn’t want to fit a certain stereotype.

“We as Asians have always been taught that you’ve got to run faster than everyone to get where you’re going. I wanted to be seen as a mainstream leading lady, and not be boxed into the stereotype I saw a lot of, that required 10 years of work…and finally, I feel like I’ve been able to get to a place where I am doing that.”

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Finally, Priyanka spoke about pushing yourself to meet your goal and surpass everyone who tries to crush you, adding that she doesn’t want it to take 10 years for upcoming actresses to get their choice of roles.

“So, I think the responsibility is to constantly push the goalposts, not just for yourself, but for everyone who comes after you. For the next generation of South Asian talent, I want it not to take 10 years for them to get the roles that they want.”

What an inspiration this woman is!

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