UP Groom Marries Bride In Hospital After Her Accident Like Shahid Kapoor In ‘Vivah’


Remember the movie ‘Vivah’ where the bride Amrita Rao suffers burn injuries before her wedding and the groom aka Shahid Kapoor goes ahead with the wedding anyway? Something similar recently happened in Prayagraj too.

According to The Indian Express, bride Aarti got into an accident on her wedding day when she fell off the roof of her house and injured her spine. The groom Awdhesh asked for permission from her doctors and married her in the hospital in the presence of the two families.




Dr. Sachin Singh was quoted saying, “The woman had accidentally fallen from the roof due to which there was a minor injury in her spine. Her legs cannot move as of now. Since she was about to get married, we have given her permission to carry out the rituals.”

The bride said, “I was apprehensive but my husband told me he’ll be there for me even if I don’t recover.”


People praised the man for standing by his wife and wished the woman a speedy recovery.

A few drew comparisons with the movie ‘Vivah’.

Vivah - 13/14 - Bollywood Movie - Shahid Kapoor & Amrita Rao - video Dailymotion

Shahid Kapoor & Amrita Rao Marriage In Hospital - Parinayam - video Dailymotion

We hope Aarti recovers soon. Wish the newly married couple lots of happiness!

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