Man Tweets Powerful Pics To Encourage Use Of Public Transport, Says, “You Are The Traffic”

Think of this. You are headed to an interview or a very important meeting. You hop into your car, take the isolated route to your destination but still find yourself stuck in traffic for an hour. You will be irked and probably grumble that the authorities aren’t doing enough to provide you with better infrastructure. Well, it is not the authorities or anyone else to be blamed for the chaotic traffic, it is you. At least this viral tweet by an author cum entrepreneur says so. Actually, “you aren’t stuck in the traffic, you are the traffic,” he says.

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A Twitter user Roche Mamabolo tweeted a couple of pictures that offered a witty insight on how we’re responsible for causing traffic congestion that doesn’t move for hours. Through the pictures he showed how this problem can be easily dealt with by using public transport and it is an eye-opener for all of us.

He suggested how just by using public transport we can help reduce the traffic.





Twitter was impressed by his insights and came up with their suggestions that can help reduce the increasing menace of rush hour traffic jams in the world.

So instead of blaming someone the next time for the increasing traffic snarls in the city, just consider commuting by public transport to help remedy it!