Pooja Bedi Shares Video Of Goa Quarantine Facility, Says It Is Not Sanitized

In lockdown 4, certain relaxations have been announced such as the movement of passenger buses and cars between two states. According to NDTV, on May 18, Pooja Bedi travelled from Mumbai to Goa with fiance Maneck Contractor after seeking all required permissions.

According to Hindustan Times, While she thanked the police department for being kind and courteous, she also shared a video of the overnight quarantine facility saying, “It’s not that we expect comfort but just hygiene would be really, really appreciated. Forget sanitize, just look at the amount of dirt, fungus, mold… That means it is not sanitized, people are just coming in and out of here. Nothing is actually being cleaned at all.”

She further added, “In facilities like these, where so many people are constantly coming, it’s more of a risk, I would say, to be in a facility like this than coming from a safe house and going to another safe house. It is much more of a risk getting contaminated in a place like this than a home that we come from.”

However, after sharing the video, the actress received flak online with people saying she shouldn’t have undertaken the journey unless absolutely necessary. News18 reports that she shared another video explaining,

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“Here we are coming from our sanitised homes in our sanitised cars, hoping to go to yet another sanitised home and we are subjected to facilities like that.”

“We need to look out for each other and that is what we were doing. We followed due process of law, we were looking out for each other and if in any way I am speaking up and my voice is heard it is all the better because that facility today maybe sanitised because somebody has made note of it and made public of it.”

Do you think she was being too harsh or do the authorities need to look into the matter and take adequate steps?

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