“If You Want To Display Your Legs, Wear Bermudas,” Politician’s Sexist Comment Sparks Outrage

On March 10, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee got injured in Nandigram and had to be hospitalized. After being discharged on March 12, she continued her campaign trail on a wheelchair with a plaster on her left foot. However, on Tuesday, politician and MP Dilip Ghosh questioned if her foot was fractured at all saying,

“I don’t know where these doctors came who plastered her left leg while the injury was apparently on the right leg. We have not seen any report. Had there been a fracture, then the plaster can’t be taken off in two days..it takes a minimum of 21 days. Where from these doctors passed?”

NDTV quoted him saying at an election campaign rally in Purulia,

“The plaster was cut and then a crepe bandage was put. And now she is displaying her leg to everyone. She is dressed in a saree but one of her legs is exposed. I have never seen anyone drape a saree like that. If you want to display your legs, why a saree, wear a pair of bermudas so everyone can have a good look.”

HT quoted him adding,

“She is our CM, we expect her to act appropriately, befitting Bengal’s culture. A woman showing her legs in a saree is inappropriate. People are objecting. I found it objectionable. So I spoke.”

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Several people said that his comments were in poor taste and also insulting to women.

Do you also think his statements were insulting and distasteful? Tell us.

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