Mumbai Man Thanks Cops For Saving His Life After He Tweeted To Ask Punishment For Suicide


In today’s stressful age and time, it is important that we focus on our mental well-being. We should always talk to someone if we are depressed or feel lonely. Communicating with our loved ones can be very helpful when we have distressful thoughts.

Recently, a man tweeted Mumbai police’s official twitter handle asking them about the punishment for committing suicide. He tweeted the cops informing them about his intention to commit suicide, reports The New Indian Express. He also asked them about the punishment set down by the law for his actions.

Have a look at his tweet:

In just a matter of minutes, Mumbai Police followed the 39-year-old man and asked him for his contact details.

The cops reached out to him and advised him to not take any extreme steps.

Mumbai police’s timely intervention possibly saved his life. After the man provided the cops with his contact details, Inspector Mahesh Nivetkar from Vanrai police station paid a visit to his home, reports Business Standard.

A lot of concerned people also tweeted to him and tried to counsel him to change his mind:

Few people also suggested that he should speak to his friends and family:

The man later received counseling and was also subjected to a medical test before being sent home. He then thanked the Mumbai police for saving his life.

Have a look at his tweet:

We just hope whatever the problem is he finds a better way to solve it as suicide is never the answer to any problem. Kudos to the Mumbai police for their quick response and swift action that helped save the man’s life.

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