Heroic Police Officer Breastfeeds Crying Baby Who Was Left Unattended At The Hospital


Amidst all the severe pressures that make up our daily work schedule, we often tend to forget that we are humans. Admit it or not, most of us are used to run this rat race like a robot, and of course, selfishly.

However, exceptions are a reality and police officer Celeste Ayala is a prime example.

Celeste Ayala was on duty at the Sor Maria Ludovica children’s hospital in Argentina, when a child came in, crying fiercely. Celesta, who is also a mother, figured out that the baby was not only in discomfort but also hungry.


Seeing the hospital staff busy with their respective duties, she went on to ask them for permission to hold and breastfeed the child. Marcos Heredia, a fellow police officer, informed Celesta that the hospital authorities termed the baby as ‘dirty’. Unaffected by the information, Celesta took the baby in her lap. Remarkably, the child stopped crying immediately after being comforted and fed.

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Posted by Marcos Heredia on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It was Marcos, who shared a snap of Celesta feeding the innocent soul, online.

According to Daily Mail, the heroic cop told local media,

“I noticed that he was hungry, as he was putting his hand into his mouth, so I asked to hug him and breastfeed him. It was a sad moment, it broke my soul seeing him like this, society should be sensitive to the issues affecting children, it cannot keep happening.”

According to reports, the baby belongs to a family of six siblings raised by a single mother. The photo has gone viral on the internet with as much as 110K people sharing it. The incident beautifully portrays the unconditional love of a mother and the selfless nature that comes with it. Take a bow, officer!

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