Video Of A Gurugram Ambulance Covering 12 Kms in 7 Mins To Save A Cancer Patient Goes Viral

We have heard so many stories of an ambulance getting delayed or stopped. An ambulance carrying critical patients is not given the right of way and made to wait through long traffic jams. Patients have died waiting in the ambulance, and only recently we heard a story where a man purposely stopped an ambulance for 35 mins.

However, this video where an ambulance in Gurgaon is taking a critically ill cancer patient is going viral on the internet for all the right reasons. The ambulance was provided a green cover from Delhi Airport 1D terminal to the Gurgaon border. According to The Times of India, a distance of 12 kms was covered in 7 mins. The police aided the Fortis Hospital ambulance in this endeavour. It departed from the airport at 5:26 PM and reached the Gurgaon border at 5:33 PM. We salute these heroes and commend their determination to save lives.