12 Things People Who Are Picky About Their Food Will Understand

The one nightmare that a foodie is scared to endure is his/her friend being the exact opposite of them- a picky eater. We all know at least one person who makes a face looking at food, and there seems to be absolutely no food in this world that makes them happy. Being a foodie myself, I have close friends whose limited eating habits annoy me to no end. Sigh.

Here are the traits of a fussy eater.

1. There is very little food in the world that makes you happy

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You always have a ‘no’ ready when anyone offers you something new to try.


2. When people say they want to take you out to a new restaurant, you die a little inside

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What if I don’t like anything on their menu? 🙁


3. When anyone asks you where you’d like to go eat, you always go to a restaurant you’ve been to before

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Because it’s tried and tested.


4. And you order the same dish every single time

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It’s your go-to dish; the only thing you trust.


5. There are several food items in your list that you absolutely hate

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Onions? Yuck. Cheese? Yuck. Ketchup? EW!


6. You’re often known to send back food in a restaurant because it always lacks something

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“I asked for roasted tomatoes, and you gave me boiled ones.”


7. When you like a particular dish, you don’t mind eating it over and over again

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Mutton chops? Anytime, anywhere.


8. And sometimes, your favourite dishes aren’t always liked by people around you

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9. Because of your love for specific kinds of food, you are critical of other people’s way of cooking

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“Nope. Nothing like what Ma makes.”


10. Your friends often call you ‘spoilt’ or ‘childish’ because of the way you behave with food

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Sigh, if only they understood. 🙁


11. But, you try to make efforts to eat things that are beyond your comfort zone

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12. And even though you know you’re picky, you know you’ll do just fine

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And probably make people love your favourite food as much as you do. 😀


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