Hospital Hires Doggo Just To Go Around Greeting Co-workers & Ease Their Stress


All the healthcare workers spending hours treating ailing patients and sometimes watching people die in front of their eyes would agree that it’s one of the most taxing jobs. And we all know that dogs are the best therapists when it comes to relieving our stress and anxiety.

Representative Image

Probably that’s why The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center decided to hire a doggo whose only job is to go around greeting other employees while they work.

Twitter user Shari Dunaway, a Neurology Resident Physician by profession, shared pics of the cutie-patootie stating how her hospital employed the furball named Shiloh.


And within no time, her thoughtful post went viral. Soon, people across the globe started sharing pictures of their workplace animals who help them destress.

Take a look:

Apparently, there have been multiple instances when people hired dogs to relax. Well, apart from their brilliant sense of smell, dogs can also definitely sense if you’re not doing well. And just a 5-minute cuddle with the pooches helps a lot!

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