Desi Mom Comes Up With Plan To Get Her Kids To Stop Hitting Each Other, People React

Having siblings almost always means teasing each other, irritating each other, stealing each other’s things, and inevitably getting into fights. However, when these fights turn physical, parental intervention takes place to resolve the issue.

One such parent, Diksha Basu, came up with a plan to prevent her kids from hitting each other and people said it was an evil genius move.

Check it out:

A lot of people were reminded of the ‘slap bet’ between Barney and Marshall in ‘How I met Your Mother’ and others said this plan resembled the plot of horror movie ‘The Purge’.

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Others warned that this might be the calm before the storm.

What kind of solutions did your parents come up with when you were fighting with your sibling(s)? Tell us.

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