IndiGo Announces Bangkok-Varanasi Direct Flights, Internet Calls It ‘Paap-Praschit Route’


Don’t have any party plans for Friday night? Dreading the long weekend because you have to work? Well, I have something to put that smile back on your face. Recently, IndiGo announced direct flights from Bangkok to Varanasi. Pretty standard, right? But hear me out.

Varanasi is the oldest living city in the world. A sacred pilgrimage spot for Indians. And Bangkok, well, is known the world over for being home to the most active Red Light Districts. And when netizens saw these two places in one frame, hilarity ensued.

Take a look


People can’t get enough of this

Know anyone who’d like to wash away their ‘paap’?

This was the 2nd most entertaining thing I came across today. What was the first, you ask? It definitely has to be Elon Musk sharing a song from the movie Bajirao Mastani. Yes! That happened and the reactions were insane. Wonder what else is in store for me. The internet being as creative as it is, I’m sure it’ll be funny AF.

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