#OffendEveryoneIn4Words Is Twitter’s Latest Trend And What Offends People May Surprise You!

The internet today is like a minefield. You never know what statement might trigger one of the mines to explode. And a single explosion could leave a tonne of scattered shrapnel of hate all over the field. Basically, something always tends to offend someone on the internet. Well, a recent Twitter is looking to take this observation to its very extreme.

#OffendEveryoneIn4Words is trending on Twitter and you’ll definitely want to get on board. Check it out: 

1. Yeah that pretty much nails it. 


2. Shocking how many people still generalise.



3. Yup, you’re bound to offend someone.



4. NO!


5. After Brexit, I’d like to see you try. 😛



6. I’m offended. Success!



7. Said the CEO of United.



8. For some reason, that offends the internet. Wonder why?


9. We all have that one friend.





11. Wouldn’t want your dentist seeing that. 😛


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12. Kya bola be, saale?!


13. Dayyyum!


14. Bhai-zoned!


15. Crucio, muthafucka!


16. Haan, mereko bhi chahiye (courtesy: Karunesh Talwar).


17. And you could hear the phone smash up against the wall. 



18. Savage!


19. Hate… hate everywhere!


20. Maaaannn… nothing can top that! (United: hold my beer)

This list is in no way exhaustive because as I said, anything can offend someone on the internet. However, this trend does well to make this fact strikingly clear. Of course, it serves up a healthy dose of laughter too!

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