Odisha Bride Suffers Heart Attack After Crying Continuously During Bidaai

A wedding can be a very emotional affair, and we have all come across some teary-eyed bidaai ceremonies. But in a recent Odisha wedding, things took a drastically tragic turn for a bride who came under some serious emotional duress. Read on to know more.

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A newlywed woman named Gupteswari Sahoo (Rosy) allegedly died due to a heart attack during her bidaai ceremony in Sonepur, Odisha. As per a report in News18, Rosy was born to Murali Sahoo and Menaka in Binika block, Julunda village. The wedding was a small, family affair at her parental home. She was wed to Bisikesan Pradhan of Tentulu village on Thursday night, and was reportedly keeping well and put-together.

On Friday morning, as they prepared for the biadaai ceremony, Rosy was inconsolable as she wouldn’t stop crying. The onlookers reported that she consequently fainted and collapsed. Attempts were made at reviving her and get her back up by spraying water on her face, but she did not regain consciousness.

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They finally rushed her to the Dunguripallu CHC emergency, but she was declared dead on arrival by the doctors due to cardiac failure. She was still in her bridal attire as she suffered the heart attack due to excessive crying and emotional stress-induced at the moment.

A guest at the wedding reported that Rosy had been distressed since her father had passed away a few months ago. But as she was otherwise a young, healthy woman, the Binika Police got involved in her death report. Her body has currently been sent for post-mortem, and the final results are awaited post the autopsy.

The sudden turn of events was completely unfortunate and tragic. We hope her soul rests in peace.

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