Girl’s Response To A Guy Asking For Nudes Is So Perfect, You’ll All Want To Use It Once


That, to a testosterone charged mind seems like a perfectly appropriate way to start a conversation with a woman you’ve matched with on Tinder. You find a match after a zillion right swipes and out of sheer desperation, decide to shut off the rational part of your brain and become a pervert.  I’m not saying all guys do it but let’s be honest, the proportion is quite high.

This Imgur user, leonaloir, faced such a predicament when a guy absolutely pestered her for some nudes. However, instead of blocking him, she decided to have some fun. She did actually send him pictures of thighs, breasts, legs all of it!

Check out the conversation below:

1. So it all started how every testosterone induced conversation usually begins.



2. BAM! Didn’t expect that now, did he? 



3. She didn’t just stop there! 



4. Oh, he so did NOT see that coming (pun sincerely intended) 😉


She has forever ruined chicken for this guy. Think about it. The next time he walks into a KFC, instant boner! 😛

H/T: Boredpanda

Images Source: Imgur

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