Noida Man’s ‘Sasta & Tikau’ Electric Car Covered 1 Lakh Km & The Money He Saved On Fuel Is Impressive!


While growing up, most kids dream of having their own house, a brand new car, a fulfilling job, and an exciting life. But after growing up and earning our own money, we realise that the expenses don’t just stop after purchasing everything we had in our wish-list. In fact, additional expenses pile on.

While having your own dream car might seem like an enticing option, it’s maintenance is what scares people. Expenses involving petrol, servicing, and all that shiz gets too much to handle.

But while we are caught up with all these speculations, a man from Noida has covered more than 1 lakh kilometres with his electric car. His expenses? Less than a lakh!

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KV Suresh had bought the car when it hit the Indian market back in 2014. At the time, the car cost his about Rs. 6 Lakhs.


In the five years of it’s running, Suresh says he managed to cover 1 lakh kilometres in a little less than Rs. 1 lakh INR.

Suresh in an interview revealed how it’s like driving an electric car. He uses it to commute to his office regularly and charges the car every night.

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Charging his car once lasts him up to 100km, and if driven steadily it manages up to 120km.

Suresh calculates that the car runs for 10km for every unit of electricity. The cost of 1 unit is Rs.5, then the cost of driving 1 lakh km would be Rs. 50,000!

He also reveals that in the last 5 years of it’s running, the car has only demanded Rs. 35,000 in maintenance.

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A similar petrol car giving a mileage of 12kmph would cost at least 5.8 Lakh INR approximately for covering 1 lakh km, considering the average petrol cost to be Rs. 70.

The car’s battery hasn’t yet needed changing and it’s still in pretty good condition!

Watch the interview here:

If you are completely sold by this idea, here are some cars to consider if you want to go full-on electric!

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Are you planning to buy an electric car yet?

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