10 Things Every 90s Kid Has Enjoyed During The Summer Vacations And Misses Even Now


As grown-ups we have yuuuge summertime sadness but, remember there was a time when we used to really, like real wala really, look forward to summers? Because summers = vacations. And those days were awesome! Weren’t they? Such memories, much nostalgia.

As a 90s kid (a fact I keep repeating), we have come a long way from summer vacations. That was a time when we didn’t have any adulting problems of the present and enjoyed our childhood to the fullest. Haina?

Here are the things every 90s kid has enjoyed during summer vacations.

1. The day the vacation began, we broke up with our books.

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Oh, come on, that was the only break-up we ever enjoyed!


2. Gully-cricket, mohalla fun and playground shenanigans.

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The most happening place outside home was the adda-zone.


3. Sleeping in late.

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Because no-school-tomorrow was a magical concept.


3. Gorging on mangoes.

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From kaccha aam to aam pannas to mango shakes, anything mango was welcome.


4. Cartoon binging.

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On school nights, TV hours were fixed but when it came to vacations, there were extended hours and more binging opportunities in store.


5. Visiting your grandparents’ house

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Be it in the city or outside, a trip to nana-nani/ dada-dadi house was a vacation ritual we religiously followed.


6. Family trip

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Yes! Be it a weekend getaway or a full-fledged trip, a family trip was on the cards. And, the fun increased ten-folds when cousins joined in the party.


7. Painting nails to trying the new buzz cut.

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This was the time when guys experimented with their hair and tried new and cool haircuts. As for the girls, from nail paints to mehendi to new experimentation, you name it and we’ve done it.


8. Showering in talcum power and making a game out of it.

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Because it was fun and necessary. Summers! And, even speaking into the fan for robotic voice.


9. Ex-curricular activities galore.

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Quizzing, painting, dancing, photography, piano, singing, swimming or whatever one had interest in, those were THE days. And, if you had summer camps then that too!


10. And, finishing off homework last minute.

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So the last couple of days were homework marathons and we perfected our multi-tasking level. Thank God!

And, now we miss those days utterly-butterly. Dear God, can we get to re-live those days? #PrettyPlease

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