Woman Helps A Nimbu Mirchi Wala With Money, He Returns The Favour By Gifting Her Weed Seeds

Usually when people like fruit and vegetable sellers, domestic workers, and local food joint owners are in dire need of money, they turn to their regular customers for monetary help. There have been numerous times that I have seen such people approach my parents for help and later on showed their gratefulness with small yet touching gifts.

Similarly, a Twitter user (@krishadoshii) shared how there’s a nimbu mirchi wala who visits her house every week and recently, he asked for Rs 100 because he needed to buy medicines. After her mother handed him the money, the nimbu mirchi wala gave her a packet saying it’s a gift for the plants.

Only those who KNOW, know that these are cannabis (weed) seeds!

“There’s this nimbu mirchi wala that comes by once a week to my house. Today he came asking for 100 rupees for his meds. Mom gave him money and in return he gave a packet saying its a lil gift for the plants. Mom took it and he left. I just saw the packet,” the user tweeted.

Have a look:

People online had all sorts of reactions upon seeing the tweet. While some shared Bob Marley and Snoop Dog gifs, others were laughing out loud! Have a look:

That nimbu mirchi wala is one in a million! 😛

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