New York Governor Spots Road Accident, Pulls Over To Rescue Man Stuck In The Van


Some of us might think that people with substantial political authority and influence wouldn’t help or walk with the common man. We might feel that such people consider the common man a step beneath them. However, while the world has seen several self-centred influential people, it has also seen those with a good heart and kind gestures. This Governor of New York is an example!

According to a report by News18, Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, recently saved a man’s life who was stuck in an accident.

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Andrew Cuomo along with his team was driving on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to catch a flight when they passed the scene of the accident. A catering van had tipped over and the man was stuck inside. Cuomo with the help of the police cut the passenger seat belt and helped the man get off the van, reports CNN.

In a video that has been going viral on the internet, Cuomo can be seen standing on top of the divider, helping the man get off the vehicle. Watch it here:


According to a report by The New York Times, this isn’t the first time Governor Cuomo is helping people in need. There was another time when he was in Spain and he rescued a driver whose car was stranded on the road amidst heavy snowfall. The man has a record of coming to the rescue of the helpless.

The world could surely use more people like Andrew Cuomo!

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