Astronauts Left 96 Bags Of Poop On The Moon & Now NASA Wants To Study Them!

NASA truly is the pioneer of all space explorations beyond our blue planet. In the past, it has successfully launched lunar missions as well as those on planet Mars. The first time astronauts (Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin) landed on the moon was almost 50 years ago on Apollo 11. Since then 5 more Apollo missions have been sent there.

Apart from leaving their mark on the moon, these astronauts also dumped 96 trash bags of human waste there. Yes, you read that right!

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According to Vox, during the space journey and also on the time spent on the lunar surface, astronauts’ urine, faeces etc was collected and discarded. This was done to make space for moon rock and soil samples to bring back home. These trash bags (or jett bags) have been lying on the moon undisturbed albeit subject to the moon’s harsh environment and solar radiation.

But why do they want to bring back all that poop?

Human waste contains living bacteria and microbes. Scientists are interested in determining if the micro-organisms in the trash bags are alive or dead. If they survived the harsh temperatures and inhospitable conditions of the moon, it would reveal information on the possibility of life beyond our planet. If not, it could still hold clues for future Mars missions.

Who knew 50-year-old trash could prove so valuable to scientists? The wonders never cease, right?

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