‘Butter Chicken’ To ‘Kadhai Paneer’, People Roast Friends Tricked Into Changing IG Usernames


‘Kadhai Paneer’ That’s not just the name of my favourite dish but also my Instagram handle. Confused? Well, my friends tricked me into changing my user name recently. And, before you laugh at me, I am not the only one.

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Tumhaara kat gaya kya?

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Several people have been pranked by their friends into changing their Instagram name. In a recent challenge/prank called the ‘Instagram Name Change’, people are tricking each other to change their username to something funny. The catch being, they ask you to do it twice. And, once you do that, Boom! You’re stuck with the username for 14 days.


Let me give you my stupid example. My bestie called me saying we are making a fun collage for our foodie friend’s birthday. She asked me to change my Insta Handle to ‘kadhai paneer’ and send her a screenshot. When I did as instructed, she apologized and said the K and P should be in the capital letters. So, like a fool, I agreed and changed my name again. This time to ‘Kadhai Paneer’.

However, after sending her the screenshot I was unable to change my username back to normal. According to revised Instagram policies, I couldn’t change it for another freaking 14 days!! While I yelled at my friend for the stupid prank, I am also thankful for the policy as it stops people from misusing the feature of name changing.

And, as if the embarrassment of having such a hilarious username is not enough, people are now roasting victims of the mischievous prank.



So while I am ‘Kadhai Paneer’ for the next 14 days, I hope I have warned others who haven’t fallen for the prank yet. Have you changed your name to something funny yet? Tell us!

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