Sister Falsely Accuses Brother Of Rape As He Scolded Her For Meeting BF, Jailed For 2 Years

It cannot be denied that there are many women who take advantage of the law and wrongly frame men for crimes they haven’t committed. An incident like this happened in Mumbai back in 2019 where a woman framed her brother and falsely accused him of rape. She did so after he scolded and allegedly assaulted her as she went out with her boyfriend, reports The Indian Express.

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For two years, her now 24-year-old brother was jailed for a crime that he didn’t even commit. And now, a special court in Dindoshi passed an order acquitting the man on charges of rape and sections of the POSCO Act. this happened after the sister retracted from her statement made 2 years ago.

She denied the charges of sexual assault and any medical examination having taken place after the FIR was filed back then. In her statement, she explicitly mentioned that she had filed the FIR after her brother reprimanded her for going out with her boyfriend.

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According to Zee News, the court said that the testimony of the girl was not “trustworthy” as it had many “omissions and contradictions”. The court further noted that there was no evidence that the girl was a minor at the time the alleged crime took place.

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Therefore, the court freed the man of rape charges.

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