“Motu Can Also Dance” Smashing Appearance Of Akshat From India’s Got Talent On The Ellen Show.

Yep, that’s what he said, “Motu can also dance”. Remember Akshat Singh, the chubby 8 yr old kid from India’s Got Talent who won our hearts with his amazing dance moves? Well, he got invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It’s a great news coz not everyone gets invited to The Ellen Show.

The best part of the video is where Akshat simply answers confidently in English without the aid of the translator. (Why is the translator there, in the first place?)

And his best line, “Car mein petrol nahi jayega to car chalegi kaise?”.

Here’s another special additional performance, he did for the audience of The Ellen Show.

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Way to go, Akshat. We wish you all the success in life.

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