Mother-In-Law Declares She’s Pregnant At Son’s Wedding When Bride Planned To Do The Same

While a wedding is the biggest day of your life, ceremonies amid pandemics are more intimate. Nonetheless, they are meant to be immortalized in your memory as a special day with friends and family. A bride had planned it to be precisely this, but things went awry when her mother-in-law made an unexpected announcement at her wedding.

Taking to Reddit, the 24-year-old bride shared that their wedding was small due to the pandemic. “Our wedding reception was quite intimate, but we had the traditional speeches planned: father of the bride, best man (husband’s brother), groom. It was only the day before that my mother-in-law asked if she could have the mic to say a few words when we sat down to eat, and we said that would be great, but that she would need to go before my husband.”

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She said, “Stupidly we figured she would talk about us at our wedding so we never asked what she planned to say. Big mistake. She announced that she’s expecting a baby. She’s still pretty young and very healthy but it was a huge shock that just completely took over all night.”

The bride went on to say, “What’s even worse for me is that I am also pregnant and we planned to announce it at the wedding, but I told my husband to just leave it out of his speech. Everything felt a bit sour for me after that, so.”

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She added, “After the wedding, I didn’t speak to my mother-in-law for a few days and I got a call from her sister (a guest) to ask what was up. I explained that I felt like the attention was taken away from us without our permission (I would have said no, but still) and it was so unfair to spring that on us.”

The bride further explained that her MIL is only 42 and she didn’t appreciate people shaming her about getting pregnant at her age. She added, “She wants to be a grandmother and I think finding out would have made her really happy, but I didn’t want to attach how I felt in that moment to the announcement of my little one.”

What do you think of the debacle?

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