Andhra Woman Cooks 67-Item 5-Course Lunch For Her Visiting ‘Jamai Raja’, Twitter Reacts

I have been lucky to have grown up with grandparents, especially the ones from my mother’s side. Because, spoil karna kise kehte hai yeh unse sikhna chahiye! Visiting them meant being showered with sweets and getting pampered to death. However, there was one particular occasion I always looked forward to spending with them – Jamai Shashti. Why? Because of the food of course!

In case you are not familiar with the quantity of food mother-in-laws feed their ‘jamais’ (son-in-laws), here’s a glimpse. One woman cooked a 5-course Andhra meal comprising of as many as 67 items for her visiting son-in-law! The items included welcome drinks, starters, chaat, main course, and desserts.

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This isn’t even for Jamai-Shashti. I’m scared to think what this mother-in-law prepares on auspicious occasions!

A video captures all the items she has cooked. Have a look:

People on the internet are finding it hard to ‘digest’ the video! Here’s how they reacted:

The pun here though (shesh = khatam).

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I really hope her son-in-law is a die-hard foodie!

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