Mom’s Beautiful Story About Raising A Child With Disability Is Proof That Love Conquers All

The love of a mother knows no bounds and nothing can ever take away from that feeling. Especially, and contrary to what people think, the child’s disability. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you see? And when the beholder is a mother, her child is the most beautiful little person in the world!

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For Natalie Weaver, her daughter Sophia is the queen of her heart. But playing mother to a child with physical deformities and complex medical needs comes with its own set of hardships.

In a Twitter thread, Natalie talks about the adorable little Sophia, her likes and dislikes, and how their beautiful family is just perfect!

For years, Natalie remained private about the subject but she finally decided to share with the world what and absolute delight and a learning experience raising Sophia has been for her.

She starts by asking people to open their minds to the idea that a child with disabilities can also live a joyous life as the queen of the house!

What do you know, she even does those typical teenager’s eye rolls when her mom annoys her!

Sure, little Sophia may need some help to go through everyday life, but she makes sure she does everything she loves, like listening to music and even playing with her siblings!

In fact, unlike most kids her age, Sophia even helps around the house! Isn’t that cool?

Who doesn’t love Halloween, right? And Sophia is no different when it comes to her enthusiasm for costumes! Check it out!

Sophia’s eyes are quite expressive! And because she cannot talk, that’s how she communicates with everyone.

Wait till you hear what pranks Sophia plays with her therapists and teachers! Not at all as innocent as she looks, folks!

Because of her disability, Sophia’s life may have seen more ups and downs, joys and sorrows than most other kids’ her age. But that hasn’t dulled her sparkle!

We’ve all heard that a child gives birth to a mother. In Sophia’s case, she has given her mother Natalie a whole new perspective of looking at her life.

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Being mother to Sophia has been a life-changing experience for Natalie and made her find her true calling: spreading awareness about raising kids with disability and special needs.

As a parting message, Natalie leaves some much needed food for thought for people to ponder upon. Her child is special and she loves her no matter what.

If everything so far hasn’t made your eyes well up, this next tweet and video surely will!

So beautiful, isn’t it?

Natalie’s thread got a lot of people to appreciate what she was trying to say as well as laud her efforts to share the story of her family with the world.

One thing’s for sure, people LOVED to meet the little charmer, Sophia!

1. Now that’s what you call an impact!

2. Ya ya, blame the onions for the tears!

3. Oh look! Sophia’s made a friend!

4. A beautiful insight!

5. Take that, Valentine’s Day!

Indeed what a wonderful story to read in the month of love! Sending loads of blessings and positive vibes towards Natalie and the pretty little lady, Sophia!

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