PM Modi Decides To Address The Nation On Dec 31 And Twitter Floods With Quirky Reactions

The last time Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation publicly on November 8, we got the shocking news of demonetisation of ₹500 and ₹1000 currency notes. Since then, people are lining up in front of banks and ATMs to get ahold of some cash.

As the deadline of depositing old notes is coming closer, PM Modi has decided to address the nation again at 7:30 pm on 31st December.

As soon as the news broke, Twitter erupted with hilarious reactions. Check out the best ones.

1. The nation has to know


2. Masterstroke!


3. Meanwhile, bhakts lining up near Ganga holding beer mugs and shot glasses


4. Modi’s speech is the new hangover remedy


5. That’ll make for one hell of a NYE party


6. Naacho mitron!


7. Pin drop silence in the club


8. Asking the real question


9. Wonder what’s next in the list


10. Let the curse of 2016 continue


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11. All the single guys be like, “Hail Modi!”


12. Opposition to call a ‘Bharat Bandh’


13. Thanks, but no thanks


14. Let’s get this party started!


15. This is actually not a bad idea


16. Better be quick


17. *drops mic*


18. Keep guessing


19. True that


20. Run for your lives

We’ll only get to know what Modiji has in store for us on the 31st. Until then, start counting your 100s and 50s.

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