Kejriwal Trolled PM Modi For A Tweet About His Mum And Indian Twitter Returned The Favour

PM Modi has been one of the most social media savvy Prime Ministers our country has ever had. He is in constant touch with the citizens through his Twitter handle and post updates which get liked and retweeted thousands of times. However, at times such updates tend to backfire. Like this one.

PM Modi posted an update on Twitter saying that he was going to skip yoga this morning in order to meet his mother. 

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As always Arvind Kejriwal had something important to contribute:

As expected.


He even followed it up with a totally necessary lesson in Bhartiya Sanskriti.


Adv. Somnath Bharti also decided to join the bandwagon.


Soon enough, Twitter swung back into action and trolled the two of them:

1. This one held nothing back.


2. This guy wasn’t even surprised.


3. Someone did their research.


4. This guy managed to expose the hypocrisy.


5. One of them even got hold of this gem!

While I do appreciate being in touch with your citizens through social media, using your professional accounts that are viewed by millions in order to diss one another is just unprofessional. I understand that sometimes we do enjoy a furious rant, a sarcastic tweet or an elaborate post written in a fit of rage. I suggest not tainting your professional profile with irrelevant mockery which simply serves as an ego boost or an invitation for backlash.

At least for the sake of citizens looking up to you for inspiration, let’s keep it civil.

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