IIT-Kharagpur Graduate Flies To Canada To Join Meta, Gets Fired 2 Days Later In Mass Layoff

After Twitter, social media major Meta seems to be downsizing and firing employees after the world faces a worsening economic crisis.

According to Financial Express, Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms Inc, laid off more than 11,000 employees (approx. 13% of its workforce) as it struggles to reap profits amid rising costs and falling ad revenues.

The mass layoffs (the first in Meta’s 18-year history) have impacted many including an Indian techie who had joined the company in Canada just a couple of days before he was fired.

Taking to LinkedIn, the employee named Himanshu wrote that he had relocated to Canada to join Meta but 2 days after joining his career at the company came to an end as he was impacted by the massive layoff.

“What’s next for me? Honestly, I have no idea! I’m looking forward to whatever comes next. Let me know if you know of any position or hiring for a software engineer (Canada or India),” the IIT-Kharagpur graduate wrote seeking job oppurtunities.

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People online were heartbroken upon reading about his plight. Apart from sending him good wishes, they also tried to connect him with employers so that he’s employed again.

My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by these mass layoffs. We hope you find good opportunities again.

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