From ‘Reciprocate Love’ To ‘Communicate’, Men Share Advice They Have For Women

When we introspect and reflect on the lives we have been leading, seldom do we find places that need work. However, sometimes it’s the people on the outside (like our friends, family, and partners) who are watching our actions that help us be the best versions of ourselves. They are often the guiding light sharing where we are going wrong.

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Recently, a Reddit user asked men to share some advice they have for women from their experiences of having dated one.

What’s some advice you would give the ladies if you could say anything? from AskMen

From asking women to respond with longer sentences to their messages to reciprocating the love and attention they require from a man, it’s an exhausting list of advice.

Ghosting isn’t cool!

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Direct communication is key.

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Reciprocate the affection.

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Not all of your friends give good advice.

Give him a free pass sometimes.

Don’t exploit him emotionally.

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No matter how self-satisfied you are, these advices are sure to pay heed to.

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