11 Signs That Prove Your Gut Feeling Is Strong


Do you feel surrounded with options in every step of your life: Exams, career, travel destination, place to live, relationship, friends and what not? What makes a difference is the choice that you make. Sometimes the decisions go wrong; other times they are just bang on.

In retrospect, more often than not, we realize that the decisions made intuitively were mostly right. Does that mean your intuition is always correct?

Here are the signs that prove your hunch is strong:

1. One look at a person and you just know how the person is

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And it comes effortlessly to you.


2. Inner voice is your biggest strength while making major decisions and they generally do fare well

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 Toss a coin and you know what the right option is when the coin is in the air.


3. Your gut feeling is so strong that even people around you trust it

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“I don’t know the reason but trust me on this”, you say.


4. Unintentionally notice micro-expressions that gives you an idea about a person

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Subtle signs of body language like hand gestures, expressions etc.


5. Have the ability to read between lines

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This helps you understand what exactly the person is trying to convey.


6. You can’t be easily fooled, coz you simply ‘know’ everything

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And they keep wondering how?


7. People generally think you’re crazy

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When it happens they are not even around for you to prove your point. Darn!


8. You can easily sense if the vibes around are positive or negative

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You skip shops because the shopkeeper radiates negative vibes.


9. On a road trip, you generally pick the hotel based on the vibes that you get from that place

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If the vibes are not good, you move on to the next one.


10. While picking a house, you always wait for that one house that makes you feel ‘This is it’, from within

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More than how the house looks it is about how the house feels.


11. Sometimes, you’re wrong, but that doesn’t stop you or others from trusting your inner voice

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Coz you’re that good.

May the hunch be with you.

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