Matrimonial Ad Seeks Groom For ‘Feminist’ With ‘Piercings & Short Hair’, Says ‘No Farters’

We have come across many matrimonial ads that are absolutely hilarious (both intentionally and unintentionally). For instance, how Twitter previously roasted a matrimonial ad of Noida’s “industrial effluent” boy seeking a ‘fair’ bride, or how a Bengali lawyer sought a bride NOT addicted to social media.

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Now, a Twitter user named @awryaditi found another hilarious ad that has grabbed many eyeballs. The newspaper snippet seeks a match for an “opinionated feminist” girl who works in the “social sector against capitalism”. As for the requirements from the potential suitor, it states a preference for an “only son with bungalow/at least 20-acre farmhouse”. The advert humorously ends with the contact e-mail written as “[email protected]”.

While we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the ad, actress Richa Chadha and many others shared it online. Here’s how some responded:

1. Many people appreciated the sarcasm.

2. Others pointed to the hilariously clashing ideologies of the ad.

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3. A user found a perfect match in Vladimir Lenin.

4. Some people didn’t find this surprising considering how real matrimonial ads are sometimes even more bizarre.

What’s your take on this ad? Tell us.

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