16-YO Asks If Math Is Even Real & Who Came Up With It, Experts Respond

At some point in our lives, most of us have questioned the existence and need for schools while complaining that we don’t want to go and study there. 16-year-old Gracie Cunningham too had similar philosophical questions on the subject of mathematics which she shared in a video saying.

“I know it’s real because we all learned it in school or whatever. But who came up with it? … How? … I get addition. Like hey, if you take two apples and add three, you have five, or whatever. But how would you come up with the concept of like, algebra? What would you need it for?”

Soon, the video went viral on Twitter with many calling her “dumb” and mocking her questions. However, a lot of people also appreciated her curiosity and bent of mind after which she shared a second video framing her questions in a better manner.

Thereafter, many experts like Math professors and scientists responded by saying that all her questions were valid and should be addressed instead of ridiculing her. Take a look.

Astrophysicist Dr. H.F.Stevance took the time to clear all her doubts in a video.

Here’s an Algebraic Geometer with the answers:

Bottom line? Never stifle your curiosity no matter what people say. That is how we keep learning and growing.

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